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How to Car Donations In California

California vehicle donations here at “Golden State” can help someone in need in your own community. The whole family may eventually be helped by your generosity. And you might even get tax deductions along the way. But this is not necessarily the best benefit.

Are there specific rules for donating my vehicle in California?

Only certain rules for the DMV CA (Motor Vehicle Division: You must leave the license plate on the vehicle (most of your states are required to delete it), and you must complete the Release of Liability form. This form can be downloaded from the DMV CA website or filled directly.

A tax break is just the beginning: Depending on your situation, you can immediately free your place from the possibility of damaging the scenery. You might get additional parking space and / or get back space in your garage (or maybe your yard). You will be able to avoid the hassles and costs of having to renew an old motorized vehicle to make it ready for sale – not to mention having to advertise it and find buyers for it. This job is a hassle and takes your time to get it done – your precious time.

Free pullers from your place: You might think that repairing and selling your old car might give you a little more money than donating it. Even though this might be true, donating your car to the CA can directly address this time-consuming inconvenience. Remember your time is not free, but most non-profit organizations will tow your car or truck – and it’s free. So this is really like money in the bank for you.

Vehicles that don’t operate are often accepted: And if your car or truck isn’t running – and maybe even on a block, it’s still more than worthy of charity: The rescue page will pay enough charity to cover the puller plus some leftovers for those in need. And if your donated vehicle is worth more than $ 500 (calculated through Kelly Blue Book or NADA), you can claim more than a standard five hundred dollar tax deduction!

Beware of “fake” charities: “California has a lot of” charity cars “donations. Most of them end up broken and deactivated, but for each that is closed, new ones appear. So, how do you recognize which of them are legitimate?

One way is to check whether the California charity you are considering is being registered in the state. Here’s the link to the CA Charity Organization Financial Database search: http://cfr.doj.ca.gov/.

Another link from the California Attorney General is the Registry of Charitable Trusts (RCT), which can be found on this page: http://caag.state.ca.us/charities/statutes.htm.

Charity supervisor website: It turns out the answer is very simple – Easy online search using at least one online company that qualifies for charity activities based on various factors. Just type the name of the charity organization in the search box on the ‘charity watchdog’ site. Or you can ask the website of the California Attorney General’s Office, or the Secretary of State’s website. Most states, such as California, need non-profit organizations to register with them, and have a searchable database on their website.

But another caution here: Almost all Attorney General (including California) quickly stressed that although a charity registered with them does not imply that the charity is of course good. Registration means exactly that – that the charity organization is registered as required.

It is interesting to note that part of the registration with the state (in a country that needs a charity to register) is the requirement to submit financial statements every year. However, it is easy for fake charities to lie to these reports, handing over the numbers that make it appear legitimate and ‘on board.’

So check the charity out at two sites: Because we now understand that fraudulent car donation charities may be registered with the state of California, it’s a wise idea to check out any charity you may be considering at a minimum of two websites:

Not only confirm that the organization is registered with California, but it is also listed ‘in good standing’ with one or more of the web based ‘charity watchdog’ agencies.

You having nothing to lose and everything to gain! So now you know how to choose a high quality vehicle donation charity here in California. Not only will you be doing something truly good for somebody or some family in your community, you may even get the tax deduction. And don’t forget all those time-saving and hassle-saving fringe benefits of donating your old vehicle!

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